-Shall we come back? | And dreams of exile


The performance of the play "Fragment ... Shall We Return?" Organized by Jordan Youth Junction And the screening of the movie "Dreams of Exile" directed by Mai Al-Masry Saturday 23 March 2019 It's 5:30 p.m. Shams Theater, Amman (public invitation) The Jordan Youth team shows us the intersection of a short play that expresses the current situation of our peoples in a modern way. The play consists of a silent performance on one side and an interactive performance on the other. The play will leave the audience with questions and not answers. The play will be followed by the screening of the film "Dreams of Exile" directed by Palestinian director Mai Al-Masry, which presents the situation of Palestinian children, who have grown old in their infancy due to the difficult and unfair life they live. This film also sheds light on the fact that the suffering of asylum and displacement is the same by photographing children in both "Shatila camp" in Lebanon and "Deheisheh camp" in the occupied territories, so we can see that despite the distance, the suffering is the same. This event is part of the week that surrounded your siege in Amman, which took place from March 23 - April 3, 2019 You can view the full events of the week at bit.ly/IAWAmman2019 -------- About the Zionist Anti-Colonial and Apartheid Week - lay siege to you The fifteenth annual Israeli Apartheid Week is held around the world between March 18 and April 8, 2019 in more than 200 cities and universities around the world under the slogan "Stop arming colonialism." Israeli Apartheid Week, or Siege of Your Siege, is a series of international events aimed at raising awareness about the Israeli occupation and apartheid regime to which the Palestinian people are subjected, as well as building support and support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. BDS, which the Israeli colonial system considers a “strategic threat” to the entire racist project. * The activities include seminars, artistic performances, film screenings, and the introduction of boycott campaigns, and aim to launch effective and tangible solidarity for the Palestinian people's struggle