-Ibn AlShaab


Life is but a chain of wrong choices... "Ibn AlShaab" A theatre play directed and performed by the Theatre and Drama club family, that is set to take place on the 5th of April at 7:00 pm. "Ibn AlShaab" is a tragic drama, as it addresses numerous issues in the community. The play is derived from the novel, written by the author Farah Anton. Actors: Enad bin Tareef Malek Zoubi Ahmad Maaliki Aya Kherfan Tala Sunna Basil Askar Burhan AlHaialy Amira Shaaban Firas Maali Ehab Hamdan Leen Albess Omar Abudaieh Anas Ethawi Natalie Karadsheh Design and implementation of audio: Omar Zuaiter Design and implementation of light: Enad bin Tareef/ Ezzaldeen AlRibi/ Omar Zuaiter Photography and Media Coverage: Rashad Barakeh/GJU press Communication and Social media: Sohaib Al-Remawi/ Ahmad Maaliki Poster Designing: Hadi Saleh Decoration, makeup, and costumes team: Enad bin Tareef/ Omar Zuaiter/ Aseel Soub Stage management: Sohaib Al-Remawi Script adaptation: Ezzaldeen AlRibi/ Enad bin Tareef/ Omar Zuaiter/ Ahmad Maaliki Assistant Director: Enad bin Tareef Director: Ezzaldeen AlRibi Special thanks: AlShams Theatre Fanillah Waad Youth community Laith Press *Ticket price: 4jds *Tickets are sold at the doors *Tickets are limited For more information and ticket purchase: Omar Zuaiter : 0799519156 Sohaib Al-Remawi : 0796330757 Enad bin Tareef : 0798054223