-Shawol & ELF Day (fanmeeting)


A new party for two Super Junior and Shani bands. We present to their fans only and have a special and unique day The content of the party belongs to the two bands Super Junior and Shiny and will also include a Korean bazaar to sell everything you need The concert will include theatrical performances for their melodies Super Junior Gala - Super Show 6 World Tour Shinee party - shinee world in seoul Watch clips, videos and concerts of the two groups competitions and awards Questions for the two groups to test your knowledge of your favorite group Theatrical performance and dialogue with fans Celebrating the birthdays of some members near the date of the ceremony As a small project and as an initiative from the page, we will distribute special fandom color balloons Take group photos together and for each fandom The gathering was going to be exciting and was done as per the constant request of the fans Also, a karaoke segment will be outside the hall. There are tables and chairs for sitting. A small theater and mics for singing are equipped and a device for selecting the song to be sung. We will allow everyone to seize the opportunity and go up to sing. ** Entrance ticket is 4 dinars Venue: Al Shams Theater - Al Abdali - opposite the Ministry of Industry and Trade Time: 2:30 pm Today: Fri 12-4-2019 (After a tiring and boring week, we give you the opportunity to be free from all that and to empty energies, fun and enjoy the weekend)