-Synaptic, Yam and Mahasna on the stage of Al Shams Theater


Eternity Art Production offers: Synaptic, Al-Yam, is a mahasinah in a rap show on the stage of Al-Shams Theater in Amman. Sun Theater | Thursday 25 April 2019 | At 7 pm | Ticket price is 10 dinars 6:30 - 7:00 the doors open. 7:00 - 9:00 promotion period. *** The ticket is 10 dinars for the Shams Theater concert. Post-show Party in Canvas | 9:30 *** Ticket is 15 dinars for Al Shams Theater concert + after-show concert in Canvas +21. *** The ticket is 10 dinars, at the door of the canvas. Tickets are now available for sale in Mlabbas - Jabal Amman To book tickets and inquiries, please contact the following number: 073181488 For inquiries, please contact the following number: 0792222801 - Al Shams Theater