-Armenian Folklore Dance


Al Shams Theater is hosting Ani Armenian Dance Group on it's stage this Saturday and Sunday 4/5/2019 and 5/5/2019 on 7:00 pm Tickets are on doors Ticket price: 7 JD Ticket price for students and children: 5 JD About Ani Armenian Dance Group: Armenians of Jordan are a very small community by number, around 2000 Armenians living in Jordan; most of them based in Amman. We have a rich culture, that's why we created this group in April 2018; to share it with everyone. The Armenian dance heritage has been considered one of the oldest and most varied in its respective region. From the fifth to the third millennium B.C., in the higher regions of Armenia, the land of Ararat, there are rock paintings of scenes of country dancing. These dances were probably accompanied by certain kinds of song or musical instruments.