About Us

Al Shams Theater opened its doors officially for the first time in 2017. However, the shape of the idea began to form far before then. Founded by Dr. Abdelsalam Qubailat as a nonprofit theater company in 2016, Al Shams Theater is now a forum for all performing arts including Theater, Music, Cinema and Exhibitions.
The first production on our own stage,“Pay....I won’t pay,” debuted in November 2017. Adapted from an Italian farce for a Jordanian audience and directed by Dr. Qubailat, the production satirized the current political climate within Jordan. Featuring a high c cast of Jordanian actors. It was met with great critical and commercial success.

Our goal is to establish the theater as a cultural center that is not only accessible for all of Jordanian society, but that is also invested in the sustainable development of the theater and cultural movements in Jordan. To this end, we prioritize workshops and sessions for youth and children. Within our youth programs, we offer the space to allow kids to refine and develop their artistic abilities across multiple disciplines and under the supervision of specialists.

We aspire to collaborate with performing artists, theaters, and many others throughout the Arab world and internationally, as a leader in the Jordanian cultural scene. In addition, the theater and the accompanying space has the possibility to exhibit a multitude of artistic disciplines outside of the performance realm, such as the fine arts and other innovative cultural projects.

We are located in the heart of Jordan’s capital, Amman. Previously the site of the Concord Theater, the space underwent an intensive renovation throughout 2016/2017. As it stands now, the final stage is 10.5 meters deep, 12 meters wide and has an audience capacity of 350 seats.
Following the establishment of Al Shams Theater, we now have opened Al Shams Cafe within the theater grounds. Featuring, drinks, food and desserts, the cafe is open 7 days a week from 10 in the morning until late. The Cafe has its own small stage where we host regular comedic performances, musical concerts and a plethora of other events.

Why Al Shams?

We strive to become a focal gathering place of culture, artists, and community. Our vision of Al Shams Theater is as an incubator, that attracts local and regional talent and develops artists and an artistic community from a young age. On our stage, we aim to reflect the diverse society of artists within Jordan and regionally. In addition, we hope to increase consciousness of the advantages a sustainable performing arts center of culture not only with Amman, but all over Jordan and on the international stage. The theater aims to be an artistic and cultural ambassador for Jordan and its local representative when facing the world.